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We are a team of digital marketers, growth hackers and product management professionals who love to build products

Our Story

It all started with a dream to build something and help people solve their pain points. However not all dreams materializes. Our founder had to shut down his venture due to multiple reasons way back in 2014.

He was looking for a job when he happened to meet the founders of Sendinblue.com, a market leader in Email Marketing and Automation. One thing led to the other and he was offered the role of a CTO at Sendinblue. That's when the love with the email marketing started.

He went on to revamp the multiple features and processes at Sendinblue along with launching version 1 of its Marketing Automation software. He learnt a hell lot about email marketing since then and eventually wrote a book to help professionals and business owners learn about email marketing and growing business with it.

For many years, he was thinking of starting something in this domain and help small business owners (and big ones as well) with their email marketing tasks. After much brainstorming and idea generation sessions, he realized what if he can provide a way to solve the recurring requirements of email marketers in a product as as service manner.

Hence the offering in the form of EmailVarsity where you can get unlimited email marketing jobs done on a monthly basis without any hassle.

Why the name EmailVarsity?

We wanted to not only help businesses with their email marketing jobs but also help anybody learn about the fundamentals of email marketing. So we have created a virtual university where you can learn from the manually curated content created by market leaders in email marketing software's.

Who are the people behind EmailVarsity?

Lokesh Gupta


Lokesh Gupta is the internet industry veteran with 15 years of experience. He has worked with top internet companies across Asia and Europe in leadership roles.

Previously he was the CTO of Sendinblue.com, a leader in email marketing and automation domain where he helped launched multiple product lines including the marketing automation suite.

He is the founder of ProductHood.com, a global growth platform for Product Makers & Marketers. EmailVarsity is incubated within ProductHood Labs.

Our Book

Building your email list is important to the growth of your business. The sooner you start, the better it is for you and your business. The email list is one of the biggest assets of any online business. After all, the email list will help your business to generate revenue. You can map the growth of your business with the growth of its email list.

When you have just started a business, your list will be small or insignificant. Building a good quality email list takes time. Even if you have a big email list, it will depreciate by 25% every year. You need to not only add new users to your list, but retain existing users as well.

Art Of Email List Growth will help you build your email list fast. You will learn a simple list building framework that will boost your email sign-ups. In addition, you will learn from the experience of world's top email marketers and entrepreneurs.

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