Scope of Service

We offer a large range of email marketing services through our expert digital marketers & conversion optimization gurus.

A good way to check whether your request is work-able or not , is by asking yourself: Can I reasonably explain what I want in one single message?

If the answer is YES, great, let's get the job done. However we do have some limitations.

Scope for Monthly Plan

What we do?

Account Management

We will create or manage your email marketing platform account on your behalf. This includes managing profile, reports, billing related issues etc.

List Management

This includes user subscription management, list management, list clean up, opt in strategy etc.

Campaign Management

Your next email campaign will be set up, delivered and monitored as per your requirements.

Email Proof Reading & Testing

We proof read every single email that you send along with testing across multiple email clients and devices.

Email Marketing Automation

Send that extra discount to users who abandoned your cart through marketing automation. We will ensure your emails are automated while you have fun.

3rd Party Integration (Basic)

Looking for help in integrating Mailchimp in your wordpress website? We have you covered. As long as it can be delivered in 1-2 Business days and does not require custom coding, we can ensure the delivery happens as per your requirement.

Email Strategy & Idea Generation

We will help you with email marketing strategy and generating ideas for your next campaign.

What we don't do


We don't do coding or programming required for complex tasks like API Integrations or data scraping or custom email reporting.

Email UX/HTML Template Design

Designing email templates and coding is not our core forte. We will not be able to entertain such requests.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is a complex job and is not part of monthly plans. If you need help with email deliverability then request a custom quote.

What you can expect from us?

1. You will get update on your task with in 1-2 business days.

2. Your data & email accounts are safe with us. We never part with them. No matter what.

3. Send your job via email & get timely updates on your service requests.

4. Get updates on the best email marketing practices from the best marketers.

What we expect from you?

Please be as clear as possible while sending us the job requirement. We expect a single job at a time in order to assist you with the best support.

In case we feel that the task can be broken into multiple single tasks then we will ask you to prioritize the tasks which will be taken one by one.

Communicate as much as possible by sharing your concerns, doubts, queries. Do not hesitate at all. We are there to help you.

Finally trust us and give us time in order to understand each other and build a long lasting business relationship.

Concierge Services

We also offer customized email marketing services
Email Marketing Strategy

We formulate new or review existing strategy to identify missed opportunities and build a prioritized roadmap for growth.

Campaign Performance

Get your existing campaign(s) reviewed to find issues and prepare a remedy plan for fast results.

Increase Email ROI

Reduce your cost of email marketing and increase revenues through a mix of optimization strategies.

Email Test and Optimization

We will own campaigns on your behalf to ensure they are deployed as per a scientific process for maximum returns.

Email Automation

We will create marketing automation strategies to put your marketing on auto pilot and reduce manual efforts.

Email List Growth

Email list will be managed regularly in terms of new subscriber growth, cleaning, segmentation and engagement.

Privacy Policy & Compliance

GDPR, CAN-SPAM or CASL, we have you covered through best practices with respect to legal laws around the world.

Email Deliverability Fix

Deliverability guidelines will ensure maximum emails reach into the Inbox of your users.

Email Marketing Training

We will design email marketing workshops and training's for your team so that they can handle it like a pro.

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